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To deter future actors from resorting to the victimization of civilians as a weapon of war by combatting impunity and securing justice for the victims of atrocity situations worldwide.


At GAN, we are dedicated to a future where civilians are never victims of war. Your generous donations enable us to combat impunity and secure justice for those who have suffered atrocities. Every contribution, no matter the size, supports our vital work in holding perpetrators accountable and ensuring that future actors are deterred from resorting to such horrific tactics. Join us in our mission to protect and seek justice for the innocent—donate today and help us build a world where peace and justice prevail.

Our Latest Publication

Lukashenko Indictment

Holding Heads of State Accountable: The Case of President Lukashenko's Aiding and Abetting President Putin's Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine

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